Although Mary Anne Wardach’s mixed-media paintings hang in private and corporate collections in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Holland, Japan, Spain, and Canada, there were few early indications of her unique talent for art.

Mary Anne was born in Mundare, Alberta, Canada, and spent her first 18 years in a rural environment. She was educated in the sciences and the arts, attending the Universities of Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, and the Universities of Oregon and Hawaii in the USA.

After studying fine art and becoming an art collector, Mary Anne found it a natural progression to become an artist herself, and began creating mixed media works. Her paintings vary in style and approach, as do the materials chosen for each. Her background in decorating brings her into contact with a wide variety of media that many contemporary artists never consider. Dedicated to exploring the creative possibilities that lie outside of the more conventional art forms, she strives to avoid prejudices regarding materials, method of application, or technique.

Her paintings are composite impressions of places she has been or imagined. Generally she does not sketch, photograph, or work directly from subjects, preferring instead to rely on stored up impressions. The constant experimentation that she finds necessary for her work has itself led to growth, change, and new ideas.

In addition to her career as an experimental artist, Mary Anne writes poetry and lectures on the development of creativity. She started writing poetry as an emotional release, and found that her poems inspired development and healing, which in turn stimulated further creativity. Mary Anne has been actively working on her own creativity for the past fifteen years. She believes that in the course of teaching others how to release their creativity, she herself grows and develops.

Mary Anne and her family enjoy a lifestyle of active exploration, be it travel or long walks. Her unique mixed media art has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico, Egypt, Poland, Singapore, Canada, and Japan.

The pieces are exceptionally individual and personal, taking anywhere from two hours to two years to finish. “Sometimes I can’t get the answer,” she laughs. “But I never throw it away. In some ways, it’s like life. Deal with the situation, do everything you can with the picture, take it as far as you can… then let it go.”


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